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Custom made versions of the favourite models! Check out the whole range from the longer description below.


Custom made skirts from wool, linen and cotton velvet are available in several variations:

CLASSIC classic outdoor skirt
RIDER especially suitable for riding
(detailed descriptions below)
LADY – new model, a bit shorter but fully feminine
LUXUS full circle Classic waist and huuuge hem

The CLASSIC model is available in “normal” long but also a short version.

In addition, custom made skirt is available from the customer’s OWN FABRIC. Fabric alternatives include wool and wool blends, linen, even thick cotton, velvet, various upholstery fabrics – imagination is your only limitation. Thick cotton and velvet are also suitable for spring-summer-seasons. In Nordic conditions though wool has its side even as a midsummer …

The need for fabric is 3 meters, with lining material also 3 meters. We can also sew the hem trim either from the customer’s trim (5 meters) or from our range. Prices include designing together with the customer, custom size sewing and all other accessories except fabrics as well as any other additions.

“WHAT IS AN OUTDOOR SKIRT?” The outdoor skirt will keep you warm and stylish on the go, with it you can even ski. It is also suitable as a riding skirt, thanks to a five meter long hem, which is warming even your horse on a cool winter day. A wonderful outfit for a cool winter home or city, or even throw over a pijama and go out with the dog in the morning. The summer version of lighter fabrics is perfect for everything where you would use trousers. (We make them also from linen and even waxed cotton! Please, contact the customer service for these options, we are glad to tell you more)

The beautiful cut of the CLASSIC skirt, a wide waistband with plaiting on the back and a small fancy details makes this skirt the favourite clothe of many. RIDER is at its best with a rider or a skier because there are slits on the front and the rear: the back of the rider can be closed with buttons. The long wrap attachment on the waist gives the skirt adjustability and ensures safety even with horses or fast-moving outdoor sports.

We also do matching pouch,  scarf-hood or belt on the same fabric, ask more about the options.

99% of our customers order the skirt without the lining, but it certainly adds to the windproofness of the skirt. The wool repels dirt and for example the hair of the horse, so the lining is often useless in that sense. Of course, we do it for you with pleasure if you wish. Please contact our customer service.

The colours in store varies a lot – right now we have for example black, dark grey, nightblue, deep red, mustard yellow, BlueGreenTartan, AutumnTartan, RustyTartan, ChocoTartan, brown-orangeChecked, Olive, Mint, Salmon orange, chocolate brown, linen coloured wool. We have also a collection of linen and cotton velvets. Check out the photos of the fabrics!
Ask more details, we are glad to help you out.

From your own fabric all models € 89
Lady € 160
Classic € 169
Classic short  € 139
Classic € 199
Rider € 199
Luxus € 269
Additional price for black, grey, dark blue, deep red, olive & velvets  € 15
Additional price for fastening with a cord instead of velcro € 15

CONTACT BEFORE PAYING to see if we have the fabric at store

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions50 × 30 × 10 cm

Classic Waxed, extra payment black / grey /special, Extra payment fastening with ribbon, Lady Waxed, ManSkirtCustom, Classic, Classic Short, Classic waxed with lining, Lady, Lady waxed lined, Luxus, Own Fabric, Rider


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