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Fabrics and colours for custom made skirts (also we can make Luella-jacket, Queen, Mabel cloak from these fabrics)


Tweed wool in to shades of grey: Flowy and warm, perfect for all use.
Darker and lighter grey now at stock: darker above and lighter below. 15€ extra for this fabric

Linen colour thick wool, super warm

Beautiful Rusty Tartan wool

Dark grey wool, very warm (this and black and night blue are 580g/m2)

Camel (thick, about 400 g/m2)

White-Blue-Green tartan, a bit thinner wool, suitable also for spring and autumn, even cold summer days.

Deep red, thick warm wool

BeigeTartan, only available now for few skirts then sold out

Olive wool, thick and warm around 500 g/m2

Choco, a bit thinner velvety wool

Berry (thick wool, about 423 g/m2)

Black and grey wool with Premium-attaching (no velcro but cord) . Italian wool, +15€

Mint, medium heavy wool

Old Rose, a bit beige-ish rosy wool, medium heavy

Mustard, medium heavy wool

AutumnTartan, flowy nice quality wool, medium-light heavy


Thin wool in nice brown-little-tartan

Brown stripes, thinner wool, super quality

Choco Tartan, a bit thinner wool, good quality. Also in dark blue tartan

OliveTartan, big pattern, very warm wool

BlueGreen Tartan, nice thick soft wool

Beige, soft, quite thick

Welcome to the 70s! Pure retro stuff, in 3 different colours. Other side is fluffy, other slick. Nice!

NightBlue, almost black but it’s not. Always classy. Same brilliant italian wool than the grey and black. +15€

OrangeBrown Tartan, soft nice warm wool

Turquoise-Brown tartan, super nice wool!

Black and red tartan wool, warm and soft

This is not wool but “vegan wool”: knitted polyester, but very nice for someone who is allergic to wool or vegan or just likes the colour!

Dark plum, 100% wool from Italy. Gorgeous! (Long skirts 2 x 15€, Lady and knee classic / knee rider 1 x)

Fucsia: nice warm wool, +15€

Red wool that has a little viscose also, super nice to wear,  320g/m2. +15 €

Dark plum, turquoise-brown, olive tartan and fucsia

Olive, darker tweed

Choco tartan and choco

Pepper, burgundy velvet, red, striped dark grey

Olive with pocket






Old Rose (Only for Luxus-model)



Apple Green, Rose, Mustard



Forest Green

Lilac velvet, Autumn Tartan, Green velvet, Burgundy deep red velvet, Rust Tartan