• Why settle for a princess if you can be a queen? The Queen coat is the perfect uniform for a modern woman with the subtle taste for the historical fashion. Its flattering cut, carefully made details and high-quality materials make it a product you never want to take off.
  • Wool scarf Claire

    129,00 159,00 
    Wool scarf inspired by "Outlander". Versatile, warm and timeless item from Finnish pet sheep wool
  • Lady is the newest member of the COZ skirts! A dream for the friends of shorter skirts. Lady has the same beautiful design and basic features as the other models: adjustable long velcro fastening on the front, beautiful cut and excellent comfort. The Lady is longer on the back side and shorter on the front; it's hem is a full circle that flows wonderfully.
  • Wool Jacket Luella

    149,00 219,00 
    The new COZ wool jacket is elegant yet casual everyday wear for ladies loving timeless clothing! Buttons, pockets and lovely details.
  • Cozy dress

    Are you familiar with a great word "hygge"? Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. We are happy to borrow that word also here in Finland ;-) Here is a perfectly cozy hygge dress for you!
  • Cape Martha

    99,00 119,00 
    Elegant cape in dark gray, high quality wool fabric. Messing colored buttons and beautiful collars complete the style. The cape is perfect for a mid-season instead of a coat for warmth on shoulders when a thick jacket is still too hot. This timeless cape is also ideal for a party dress or friend. High quality wool. Finnish quality design and sewing. One size for european size S-L users. Depending on the size of the shoulders, it is are also likely to fit if You usually wear XL. We can also make bigger size fit for XL-XXXL by order. If you have any questions about this product, we will be happy to help you at info@coz.fi
  • Linen hat

    Lovely hats to make your outfit absolutely perfect!  There are two models: a multi-purpose cloche that can be used in three different ways and a charming turban. There are also two sizes: M 56-58 and L 58-60. We also manufacture other sizes on request. 100% linen and gourgeous burgundy velvet, hand made in Finland

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