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Hand made quivers by Living Arrow!

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Living Arrow- quivers now available on the webshop!

Mihai Cozmei’s hand made quivers in different models in BLACK or BROWN vegetable tanned leather. All quivers custom made!

  • Sword quiver – the draw hand side (Right handed users – right side)
  • The Last quiver: the same kind of model than the sword quiver but with faster release of the arrow held on the opposite side of the draw hand (right handed users- left side)
  • Combination side quiver: draw hand side, plus added pocket for extra arrows (on the side of the draw hand)
  • Back quivers for left/right handed archers, very performant, arrow are inclined for fast shooting:
    *Side-back quiver! Easy to use and wear
    *Flying quiver
  • Other measure made quivers, like Turkish-korean or Persian. Send a message to info@coz.fi
  • Extremely durable
  • The photos are as examples, since the quivers go through constant evolution. They are not so much as an item of beauty but an instrument for sports, and what is important very durable for years of daily shooting.DELIVERY TIME: around 8 weeks (these are popular: we have a queue. Mihai is making each and every quiver with his own hands)

EU made luxus variant made by our good artesan friend

  • Sword quiver left / right side, according to your taste
  • Embossed logo, ornaments and very good quality leather and craftmanship.
  • Two sizes for longer and shorter arrows. Please tell your waist measure and the length of your arrows.
  • Sometimes we have some ready ones, check the situation on the items menu.
    Delivery time approximately 12 weeks.

Put in the basket the model you would like to have, and additional info at the message field (length of your arrows, measure of your chest / waist, and in back quivers please mention if you would like to have Flying Quiver or SideBack Quiver. If you don’t have access to PayPal, send us an email so we can give you our bank transfer details. PLEASE TRACK YOUR ITEM once it’s sent, you may need to pay customs for outside of EU orders. 

In case of doubt please contact customer service Katariina Cozmei at info@coz.fi

Videos about different quivers and tutorials of their use:
Living Arrow YouTube 
Living Arrow FB 

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions60 × 20 × 10 cm

Combination quiver, Flying Quiver, Luxus sword quiver, Side-back quiver, Sword Quiver, The Last Quiver

Side / Puoli

Left side, Right side