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Beginner Bows

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Great bow for kids, juniors, beginners, trick shooting… Very durable. Made in France

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Now also from COZ webshop! French Rolan Snake bows, in two different sizes.

Great for:

  • children from 5-6 years
  • juniors
  • demos and beginner classes also for small adults
  • therapy use
  • for starting horseback archery
  • trick shooting
  • ambidextrous
  • extremely durable!


  • Short model: 15# at 26″ draw, around 20# at 28″ draw
  • Short model string lenght is 48″
  • Window for arrow: not allowed at competitive horseback archery but you can tune it if you want to use it for that. Window is anyhow helping the beginners to place the arrow.
  • Nocking point marked with comfortable rubber piece, movable and removable.
  • For the short bow maximun draw is 26″ but we have tested them in various clinics to draw until 28″ which seems fine. However we recommend only 26″ draw.You can also choose the Starter Kit or Ready to go- Starter Kit!

    More information: info@coz.fi
    Snake-bow: how to start
    How to string the bow? 


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Beginners bow, Starting Set, Starting set, ready to use