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Great bow for kids, juniors, beginners, trick shooting… Very durable. Made in France

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Now also from COZ webshop! French Rolan Snake bows, in two different sizes.

Great for:

  • children from 5-6 years
  • juniors
  • demos and beginner classes also for small adults
  • therapy use
  • for starting horseback archery
  • trick shooting
  • ambidextrous
  • extremely durable!


  • Short model: 15# at 26″ draw
  • Short model string lenght is 48″
  • Window for arrow: not allowed at competitive horseback archery but you can tune it if you want to use it for that. Window is anyhow helping the beginners to place the arrow.
  • Nocking point marked with comfortable rubber piece, movable and removable.
  • For the short bow maximun draw is 26″ but we have tested them in various clinics to draw until 28″ which seems fine. However we recommend only 26″ draw.
  • Available also the longer model with 22# at 28″ , string length 60″. You can draw until 30 easily.
    More information:
    Snake-bow: how to start
    How to string the bow? 

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