• Linen hat

    Lovely hats to make your outfit absolutely perfect!  There are two models: a multi-purpose cloche that can be used in three different ways and a charming turban. There are also two sizes: M 56-58 and L 58-60. We also manufacture other sizes on request. 100% linen and gourgeous burgundy velvet, hand made in Finland
  • Our bestseller for office, home, riding, everything!
  • Linen skirt, luxus

    249,00 280,00 
    Luxurious version of our best selling skirt - 8 meter hem is so flowy and dreamy you just cannot but fall in love with this skirt. Favourable for many different body types and the waist is adjustable (overlapping 25 cm) with and attachable with long cords made of same material than the skirt. Elegant garment for your every day use, to the office, picnic, movies, at home, even riding a horse! Also measure made - lower price is for ready made skirts and higher for measure made.
  • Why settle for a princess if you can be a queen? The Queen coat is the perfect uniform for a modern woman with the subtle taste for the historical fashion. Its flattering cut, carefully made details and high-quality materials make it a product you never want to take off.


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