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Reindeer Hide

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Luxury saddle pad for your horse – Finnish Reindeer hide!

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Luxorious, soft and fluffy reindeer hide under the saddle!

Finnish high quality young reindeer, carefully tanned in Finland.
If you would cut into square the size would be about 80 cm both ways + neck and legs. Some a bit smaller some bigger. (If you want bigger hide we can also organize that – contact info@coz.fi)

Supplied on its own –  you can cut it a bit to fit to your own saddle or leave it like it is, which is also viable option (fits longitudinally for the western saddle and horizontally for the English type saddles) also a bit bigger size available.

Colour assortment – every reindeer is unique! Of course you can make a wish in the message box at the checkout if you want a darker or lighter colour.

To ensure a long life for your reindeer hide, it is a good idea to follow the following care instructions:
* Do not wash the hide with water, some stains can be removed gently with cold water.
* In general, a simple “air bath” and gentle shaking are sufficient for the treatment, also gentle snow washing is allowed.
* The hide can be vacuumed very gently to the direction of the hair.
* Store the hide in an airy cool place, preferably not inside the house at room temperature.
* Reindeer hair is hollow – it breaks quite easily and hair can come off. However, this does not effect the use. After use, shake it lightly and store in an airy cool place.
* Do not dry a damp skin in high heat with a radiator, especially near a fireplace. The hide doesn’t like too hot, and the hair can catch fire from a spark.
* Some dogs are attracted to reindeer hide and like to gnaw at them…

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please check first if it is allowed to ship reindeer hide to your country!

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