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Perfect arrows for horseback archery, lot of different options to make it customized!

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Perfect readymade customized Living Arrow- arrows for horseback archery and horsebows!

  • Light and high quality arrows are excellent for also a bit more long distance shooting and light poundage bows (20-50)
  • High quality carbon shaft, choose from 26-33 “
  • 3″ natural feathers, 20 different colours, ask!
  • Different nocks to choose from: Easton Supernocks, Koç Nocks, Arizona, Vermil M ja Vermil Y
  • 90 grain bullet tips
  • Spine 400 or 500
  • Also available wood imitation 500 spine (+ extra charge)
  • Living Arrow -logo
  • Feathers starting a bit lower on the shaft than normally, which leaves some space for the fingers for very fast loading from hand or quiver
    Send the order here in our webshop by choosing the amount. Write on the message field at checkout what kind of arrows you would like to order.
    In case of trouble or questions please send a message to info@coz.fi to make your arrows just perfect for you.For bigger quantities 50-> you can have a discount 10% (can be some different colours), and 24 arrows or more   5% off the price (same colour).


    arizona nocks

    koç nock, smaller or bigger






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Weight0,20 kg
Dimensions80 × 1 × 1 cm
Feathers Sulat

Basic arrows, Camo Feathers, Extra for wood imitation