Living Arrow Bow


Perfect bow for horseback archery and instinctive ground archery! Designed by master Mihai Cozmei

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A perfect bow for horseback archery and traditional archery! Designed by Mihai Cozmei.

Living Arrow bows are available in two different maximum draw lengths and lengths of the bows: 31″ and 33″ (with 40– bigger poundages one inch less)

The short model is 53 inches long  (with 118 cm string), and the longer model is 57 inches long (with 132 cm string).

The poundage of the bow is available in various strengths of 22-47 pounds. The poundage is measured at 28″ draw.

The bow is asymmetrical in order to be symmetrical: nocking place and release of an arrow is balanced exactly in the middle of the bow. This brings a lot of stability and accuracy to the bow, and almost zero hand shock.

The bows are made from handcrafted high quality materials. The bow is made from ash tree and a handle of walnut wood. These bows are laminated with Finnish fiber glass and made in Hungary by our very skilled partner bowyer.

Contact customer service for the order first.
Delivery time for the bows is 10-90 days, depending on the situation in stock and whether it is custom made. We have now a bit of a waiting list for the bows.

See Armin Hirmer’s assessment of this bow  YouTube
Tutorial videos and archery tips from Living Arrow FB page

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